3D Wire forming

CNC three-dimensional (3D) wire forming

Custom wire bending of wire hooks on professional wire former

Fuse Metal uses the most current technology to form wire to complex shapes. Our computer numerical controlled (CNC) wire bending machine is capable of high-volume production or one-off prototyping. We commonly bend and form ferrous and non-ferrous wire into display racks, control handles, hooks, frames, and other shapes.

Why use wire?

Wire can be formed into a wide variety of shapes quickly, and with high precision. If you are currently using other technologies to form metal parts, wire may offer a less expensive option with the same performance and function.

What size wire is available?

We can bend and form wire as small as 2mm (0.079”) up to 8mm (0.314”) and all sizes in between. We stock several common wire diameters in various alloys for quick run production and prototyping.

Secondary Processing

Formed wire can be further processed by welding to sheet metal components or by cross wire welding. Many of our customers find that Incorporating wire components with sheet metal components or weldments provides the greatest value and flexibility in their designs.

What about finishing?

We can powder coat or plate (nickel or zinc) any wire parts to your specifications.

  • Wire bending and bending stainless steel
  • Bent wire hooks from professional wire former
  • Metalworking bending of wire into 3d shapes
  • Custom wire bending of a wire lever.
  • Stainless steel wire lever custom wire bending
  • Stainless steel wire lever custom wire bending

Material Specifications

MaterialDiameter Min / MaxLength
Mild Steel2-8mm
(0.078 – 0.315”)
Stainless Steel2-8mm
(0.078 – 0.315”)
Carbon Steel2-8mm
(0.078 – 0.315”)
(0.078 – 0.315”)
(0.078 – 0.315”)
All measurements are in inches


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Tyrone Hazen
Tyrone Hazen
Real pros! We reached out initially to have some metal brackets made for our new POP displays and they were able to assist with the entire production and all components. They were also able to accommodate our short timeline and expedited shipping of our units to multiple locations throughout the US. Highly recommneded.
Adam A
Adam A
Great experience with this company. They were professional, timely and really knew what they were doing. I highly recommend them.
Mike Bonello
Mike Bonello
Fuse Metal - what a great company to partner with! Sure, you can try some of the online prototype manufacturers but you're not going to get the same level of highly specialized technical partnership that you need to get to your final product asap. Fuse Metal were highly responsive, helpful, gave me a competitive price and were very patient in helping me to tune my design (with several fast turn prototype runs) until it was spot on. It was joy to work with these professionals.